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Water Heaters

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Water heater installation and repair in Spring, Texas

Your water heater is a critical component of your home, providing you with hot showers and clean dishes. Without it, daily tasks are compromised. If you notice that your water is coming out too hot or you don’t have hot water at all, our plumbers can pinpoint the problem and handle repairs or replacements. We install and repair all types of water heaters and we provide maintenance calls to check the screens, thermostats, heating elements, and overall performance.

Should I upgrade to a tankless water heater?

The biggest reason for an upgrade would be cost savings on your monthly bill. Other great benefits of tankless water heaters are a longer life span, greater efficiency, taking up less space, and providing hot water on demand. The absence of a large holding tank is the primary difference. As great as they are, there are a few things homeowners should keep in mind when making their decision. For large households, a tankless water heater may struggle to keep up with the demand and they have a little higher upfront cost. We believe the good far outweighs the bad but it's our job to point out the pros and cons.

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