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We understand the importance of keeping fully operational plumbing in a commercial setting. You, your employees, and your customers count on it. Our plumbing company can quickly handle drain cleaning, faucet repair, water line repair, pipe repair, toilet replacement, gas leak detection, water heater repair, sewer blockages, and anything else that may get in the way of your business operations.

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At Clover Plumbing LLC, we hold a Master Plumber’s license #MLP-39199 capable of handling just about anything you need. We’re part of the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, have 20+ years of industry experience, and are fully insured.

New sink installed in commercial building

Does it matter what plumbing fixtures I have?

Yes. Commercial properties typically have greater demand than residential. Let’s talk about toilets for example. While we’re not suggesting the only brand to use is TOTO, we are saying it’s one of the best toilets you can get for your business. We believe so strongly in the dependability and performance of this brand, we decided to become certified and factory trained at TOTO. Here’s why. TOTO toilets come with a 3” flush valve versus a 2” flush valve. This means the same amount of water is delivered to the bowl in less time for a fast flush. In addition, the trap is larger than the industry standard for a larger exit and practically impossible to clog. Your business doesn’t need to be interrupted by malfunctioning bathroom toilets, so learn more by reaching out today! Stick with the plumber who understands the demands of your business.

What’s the big deal about leaky faucets?

Money out of your pocket. It’s plain and simple, a leaky faucet means your faucet is allowing water to continuously run. Although a few slow drips look harmless, you would be shocked to learn just how much water that amounts to in a short amount of time. More water usage means higher water bills. Leaky faucets are one of the easiest and most affordable plumbing repairs. Stop putting it off and call us today.

Is my main water line leaking?

Restaurant owners and other business owners know that a leaking main water line can quickly become an expensive disaster. Water pipe leaks are usually caused by age or corrosion, but they can also be caused when pipes freeze and burst due to cold weather. A common sign of a main water line leak is decreased or uneven water pressure throughout the restaurant. If you recognize a decrease in pressure it’s a good idea to have us take a look to see if you need a water pipe installation or repair.

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When you need a plumber your business can count on, we hope you discover our services are just what you need! Call Clover Plumbing LLC today at 936-206-6835. We service Harris, Montgomery, and Walker counties.

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